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U.S. Social Security has chosen Hypermedia Systems Ltd. SMS Gateways Pro HG-7000 Series for enabling secure access to its government web sites via SMS.
Hypermedia Systems SMS Gateways Helps U.S. Social Security Establish Secure Access to Government Web Sites via SMS
The implementation of Hypermedia’s on-site SMS Gateways HG-7000 at the U.S. Social Security offices in the East Coast has enabled putting in action two-factor
authentication via the GSM network using SMS (short message service).
The successful deployment includes multiple sites and numerous users across the U.S.
With the solution in place, U.S. Social Security has been able to comply with standards and keep the costs manageable without inconveniencing users.
Protecting Client Details from 3rd Party Misuse & Abuse Due to being customer premises equipment (CPE), Hypermedia’s SMS Pro gateways
eliminate the need for third-party ASP or SMSC aggregators and enable the sending of SMS messages directly via the cellular operators; protecting client details from 3rd-
party misuse & abuse. This prevents exposure of details such as client base & customer phone numbers, and assists in maintaining the utmost confidentiality and
privacy of client data.


Medical SMS Notification


Success story –TeleManagerTechnologies
TeleManager Technologies Inc.was founded in 1997. The Headquartersreside in Newark, NJ and is located on the campus of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. TeleManager offers pharmacies IVR and telecommunication solutions that leverageexisting and future technologies. Telemanager’sgoal is to provide patients, prescribers, and staff with simple and effective ways to satisfy their respective communications and service needs.Telemanager services thousands of pharmacies throughout the USA including independent community pharmacies, small and large chains, hospitals, clinics and institutional facilities.

Need and requirements:
Three key factors facilitated choosing an SMS customer premises gateway.
1. Telemanager required a secure and efficient way to send real time notification to customers of any respective pharmacy viaSMS. The key factor forusing Customer Premises Equipment was the ability to secure the end user (SMS recipient) database behind the data center firewall rather than export it to a third party out of concern forpatient medical privacy.
2. A second key factor is the ability to utilize a multi SIM device housing SIMs from carriers throughout the US to maximize the savings on the cost of  sendingSMS.
3. The robust API that enabled supporting the unique applications developed by telemanager for SMS notification
4. Scalability of N+1 to large numbers under one management system The aforementioned notifications to the end user included messages notifying that the prescription is ready, pick up notifications, prescription expirationnotifications, auto re-fill reminders, periodic medical test reminders relating to specific medications, warnings and recalls on medications, new information on medications, new medications for specific patients, new test results on medications and more.
At the same time Telemanager wanted to use the platform to send subtle marketing promotions and receive an Interactive Response for the marketing promotion prompting the recipient to buy goods or services.

The solution:
Telemanager utilizes the HG-7000 series Gateway, connecting via the Hypermedia SMS Pro Server’s (HG-7100) robust API to the Telemanager secure application and thus provides a seamless connectivity and near real time messaging to over 350,000 customers nationwide. The system is connected to over 4000 pharmacies throughout the USA as of end of 2011.

The SMS services were offered at no additional cost to each customer of each pharmacy as a way to provide better customer service and foster better customer loyalty to a specific pharmacy. From a survey conducted by Telemanager with 10 pharmacies, it turned out that there was an average increase of close to 30% in revenue derived from those customers that subscribed to the service. The survey also revealed that the customers were delighted with the service and are becoming an “Educated Consumer” thus spending more $$ per single purchase taking advantage of promotions and special offers.

Customer quote:
Val Gurovich, President and CTO of Telemanager: “Hypermedia’s SMS system provided us with an affordable and extremely effective outbound messaging platform fulfilling all our key requirements. Taking advantage of SMS communication as an acceptable and personal form of communication, we were able to create an extremely targeted, cost effective and direct notification service providing an innovative and valuable customer service tool to our customers. The system we purchased from Hypermedia is stable and scalable affording us expansion and increased revenue. The ROI on the systems was approx. four months”


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