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A complementary SMS Pro Server (software package) for Hypermedia HG-4000, HG-3000 and HG-2000 GSM gateways series, developed for leveraging the basic GSM capabilities of Hypermedia Gateways.

  • Outgoing/Incoming SMS messages
  • Multiple message & Pre-defined SMS templates
  • SMS to email & Email to SMS
  • Bulk SMS management & advanced logs
  • Third party APIs & End-user PC interface
Bulk SMS Gateway

HG-7100 SMS Pro Srever

Hypermedia's HG-7000/HG-7100 SMS Pro Server comes with an easy-to-use API / SDK which enables third-party applications to send and receive SMS messages. This SMS Server Application Software comes embedded in the HG-7000 SMS Gateway Pro series, and is available to be purchased separately as an add-on software package for our range of GSM and UMTS gateways.

Hypermedia's SMS Pro Server HG-7100 enables corporate business and service providers to leverage the use of its SMS Pro Gateway infrastructure via an advanced set of API interfaces. The Hypermedia world-class SMS Pro Gateway infrastructure enables to develop or use other 3rd party SMS applications and services, or alternatively, enables customers to utilize a wide range of Hypermedia’s applications, such as:

HG-7100 SMS Server Logical View:


HG-7100 Major Advantages:

  • End-user PC interface

  • A cost-effective alternative to voice communication

  • A client, crew and fleet management tool

  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

  • No need of telephony infrastructure changes

  • Fast return on investment (ROI)

  • Utilize the VPN’s low SMS rates

  • Bi-directional SMS messages (send & receive)

  • SMS server/client application

  • Pre-defined user groups for SMS sending

  • Sending messages to multiple users

  • Comes with a third-party API

  • 24 months warranty


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