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The SMS Pro Server software package is compatible with the Hypermedia HG-4000 and HG-3000 GSM gateway series, and was developed to leverage the basic GSM capabilities of the Hypermedia Gateways.

  • Send/receive SMS messages
  • SMS to email & Email to SMS
  • Bulk SMS management & advanced logs
  • Standard JSON and HTTP APIs over TCP/IP
  • USSD
Bulk SMS Gateway

HG-7100 SMS Pro Srever

Hypermedia's HG-7100 SMS Pro Server comes with an easy-to-use API/SDK which enables the use of third-party applications to send and receive SMS messages. The SMS Server software package comes built-in with the HG-7000 SMS Gateway Pro series, and is available to be purchased separately as an add-on software package for our entire range of GSM and UMTS gateways.

See our SIM based SMS Gateway

Hypermedia's SMS Pro Server HG-7100 features an advanced set of APIs, such as JSON, HTTP and USSD. Those APIs are compatible with 3rd party SMS applications, or alternatively, customers can use Hypermedia’s own applications.

HG-7100 SMS Server Logical View:


HG-7100 Major Advantages:

  • A cost-effective alternative to voice communication

  • A client, crew and fleet management tool

  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

  • No need of telephony infrastructure changes

  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Bi-directional SMS messages (send & receive)

  • SMS server/client application

  • Sending messages to multiple users

  • Standard APIs, compatible with 3rd party applications

  • 24 months hardware warranty



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