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GSM TrunkingCapitalize on GSM Call Traffic Volumes

GSM Trunking

GSM trunking allows direct connectivity to the GSM cellular network providers, and capitalizes on the cheaper mobile-to-mobile call tariffs. The GSM trunks create a low-cost alternative to fixed line communications in instances where PSTN line access is not available, not reachable, or not affordable.

New Business Opportunities

The ever increasing volumes of GSM call traffic, together with the high costs involved in routing fixed-to-mobile and mobile-to-fixed calls, has created a lucrative market for GSM services and new business opportunities; ideal for alternative Service Providers and Call Termination vendors for terminating GSM calls.

GSM Trunks Offer

  • A fixed-line alternative
  • Significant cost-savings
  • PSTN backup/failover
  • Quick deployment

Ideal for alternative service providers and call termination vendors, GSM trunking is also relevant to large corporate enterprises who have high volumes of GSM traffic.
The GSM trunks from Hypermedia are hooked up to the PBX using BRI, PRI or VoIP interfaces, and can either replace the access to the fixed line provider, or enable an additional voice path.

VOIP GatewayVoIP GSM Gateway - HG-4000 Series

Modular VoIP GSM Gateways ranging from 4 up to 32 GSM ports designed for connecting directly to the GSM cellular networks via H323 or SIP protocol, for significantly lowering call interconnection charges. HG-4000 series enables inbound and outbound VoIP and Cellular calls - all in one compact box.

HG2000v_sidePRI / BRI GSM Gateways - HG-3000 & HG-2000 Series

Modular ISDN GSM Gateways ranging from 4 up to 30 GSM channels developed for connecting E1/T1 PRI or ISDN BRI interfaces directly to the GSM cellular networks, for significantly reducing the cost of fixed-to-mobile and mobile-to-fixed calls. Also available dual PRI-GSM Gateways, saving the cost of an additional PBX E1/T1 PRI port.

HG-2000-8-PXA-3U-Side-SS200VoIP UMTS Gateway - HG-4000C Series

Modular VoIP UMTS Gateways ranging from 4 up to 32 GSM channels. Available with UMTS Removable User Identity Module (RUIM), the HG-4000C UMTS gateway series is an ideal call termination system solution, as it provides a cost-effective alternative for fixed-to-mobile or mobile-to-fixed calls, and enables inbound and outbound UMTS cellular calls - all in one compact box

Major Advantages:

GSM Gateway Key Features:

  • 4 to 30 cellular channels

  • Embedded E1/T1 PRI or BRI card

  • Multi-SIM – 4 SIM cards per channel

  • Worldwide GSM Bi-directional; Inbound & Outbound calls

  • Advanced LCR functionality & routing groups

  • Integrated antenna combiner

  • Web-based management and control

  • High voice quality

  • Optional redundant power supply

  • Fast and easy installation


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