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SMS Statistics

The SMS Statistics is a powerful tool providing you with an easy-to-read graphical breakdown of the CDR files, for quick and easy in-depth view of SMS traffic. The SMS Statistics tool is ideal for customers that require a deep insight into the SMS traffic, so as to better implement their business strategies.
  • Ability to break down the CDRs by date, cellular module, sender or the SIM itself (ICCID)
  • Easy access through a web browser & daily report by E-mail
  • Analysis of error, by amount and error number
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

SMS Statistics

The SMS Statistics makes analyzing message traffic easier

No Need For An External Program

No need for an external program - gone are the days where You needed to search for all the errors using text editors, as Notepad++, import them to Excel And analyzing the errors per each SIM.

Increased security

CDRs hold a lot of information and should remain confidential. A single message can reveal sensitive business information, so imagine what can be revealed from an entire month's CDRs. By doing all the analysis in-house and keeping the CDRs away from prying eyes, you reduce the risk of espionage.

Reduce TCO

Reducing the TCO of the Gateway - no need to pay a fee for 3rd party services to analyze the CDRs.


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