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Least Cost Routing cutting corporate business communication costs by up to 75%

External LCR Solution

The Least Cost Routing (LCR) solutions from Hypermedia enhance existing built-in LCR functions of the PBX / IP-PBX phone systems with more, advanced routing functions and capabilities for cutting corporate business communication costs by up to 70%, while maintaining existing dialing habits and business communication patterns.

Once the LCR gateway solution is set up, it enables all switchboard calls to be routed via the most cost-effective way between various communications networks, resulting in significant cost savings and efficiency for the organization.

A complementary Advanced Call Routing (ACR) application can be added to Hypermedia's LCR Gateways for more advanced control on special tariffs and packages offered by the cellular operator, for e.g. VPN or Close –Group free calls, as well as benefits from blocking un-wanted destination phone numbers

Savings on GSM Roaming Charges!

GSM Gateway LCR

Major Advantages:

  • Enhancing telephony systems while leveraging existing telecom investment

  • New Voice media connectivity options

  • Direct GSM connectivity to existing PBX/PABX and IP-PBXs

  • No need of telephony infrastructure changes

  • Maximize VPN packages

  • White/Black list support

Hypermedia LCR routers do not require any changes to the existing telephony infrastructure or re-programming of the PBX/IP-PBX, avoid the need of an extra PBX PRI interface, and require much less on-going maintenance.

Ranging from 4 up to 32 channels and suitable for small, medium and large sized enterprises, these external, add-on Voice Routers (a.k.a. voice gateways, LCR gateways) support ISDN BRI, E1/T1 PRI, PSTN, VoIP, and Cellular (GSM, CDMA & 3G/UMTS), and can be integrated in the following options:

LCR Solution – E1 /T1 PRI

Situated between the PBX/PABX and the PSTN, i.e. integrated into the telephony infrastructure via 3-Leg topology or 4-Leg topology (depending on connectivity requirements), Hypermedia PRI Routers enable least cost routing of fixed line PSTN, VoIP and mobile/cellular calls in a single, all-in-one, centralized system.

PRI GSM Routers - HG-3000 series
PRI VoIP Routers - HG-6000 series
Cost savings can be as high as 50% and more, in addition to saving the cost of an additional PBX E1/T1 port!

Interested in E1/T1 PRI LCR Solution? Contact a local Hypermedia dealer.

LCR Solution - VoIP (SIP protocol)
Connecting to the existing IP-PBX system as a SIP gateway over LAN / WAN via 3-Leg topology or 4-Leg topology (depending on connectivity requirements), Hypermedia's VoIP GSM Routers - HG-4000 series and VoIP PRI / BRI Routers enable to benefit from lower mobile-to-mobile outgoing and incoming call rates, as well as, least cost routing of fixed line PSTN calls over E1/T1 PRI trunks or BRI interfaces.

LCR Solution – ISDN BRI
Integrated to the ISDN PBX/PABX with up to 4 BRI interfaces via in-line connectivity for advanced LCR functionality, the available LCR solutions for ISDN BRI reduce the call costs between the PBX and the cellular networks, as well as, save the cost of an extra PBX BRI port. See HG-2000 series


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