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Just like the name suggests, Email to SMS is a form of technology that converts standard emails into SMS text messages. Once you run over the details of your client’s email, you will be able to send SMS messages directly to the recipient with the simple click of a button.

3 Reasons Why Email to SMS Is Important

  1. Availability

Not everyone is available via email all the time. Most people don’t even respond to their emails within an hour of receiving it. In terms of urgency, it is not the best mode of communication compared to SMS messaging which are usually replied instantly.

  1. Contact List Convenience

Most email clients allow you to assign a phone number to your contacts which enables one to have access to their number when sending them an email to SMS message. You can simply copy and paste from the contact which allows you to send an SMS message.

  1. Direct Replies

When you receive an SMS reply from your contacts, the message will go straight to your email inbox. This makes email to SMS more convenient as one can send and receive both email and SMS from the same recipient.

Why Businesses Need to Use Email to SMS Gateway

An email to SMS gateway ensures that factors such as cost and reliability are achieved

Email to SMS can originate from your personal computer to your recipient who will receive the SMS without having to alter your existing CRM system. It is as simple as logging into your account and sending your messages as one would do on a standard procedure.

The simplicity of this service makes email to SMS convenient for companies or organisations that require to incorporate the use of SMS for appointment reminders, delivery pickups, payment notifications, and other promotional marketing campaigns.

Most Email to SMS gateway organisations accommodate replies for users where clients or workers are able to respond to the original SMS message relayed. This avails an opportunity to have a two-way communication process which can’t be valuable for instances such as rotating workers or reminding people of appointments.

If your business requires to use SMS messaging as a means of communication to clients and stakeholders in a quick and reliable way, then a premium Email to SMS gateway should be incorporated. This way, SMS messages will be delivered directly through bulk SMS services such as telecommunication carriers.

Features of Email to SMS Gateway Providers


When Email to SMS gateway providers talk about API, what they are looking into is the Application Program Interface which is a set of tools used for building software applications.

An API simply structures how the software elements will interact with the server. It is an interface that is inclusive of either a web server or a web browser but limited to a web application on the client’s end. Hence, the Email to SMS gateway is a form of technology that converts emails to SMS format and pushing the messages to your specified recipients.

For clients who want to employ the Email to SMS gateway procedure should only customize the email in a way that will enable them to send messages directly to those who have been tagged to receive it. The API allows the email to be converted into the desired format.

Therefore, the client can send to specific numbers, or choose a database of numbers to distribute them in mass. Whichever platform you desire, either Gmail, AOL, or Outlook, they are all affirmed. One can also send from an external CRM system, an internal software program, or third-party software.

Wholesale SMS

If you are intending to send huge volumes of information on a regular basis through an Email to SMS gateway provider, it is only reasonable to search the best providers that will offer discounts at wholesale prices. Ensure that the services you receive are in accordance to the price you pay.

There is a wide range of options and services available for companies to choose from. There are affordable service packages that can deliver wholesale SMS at reliable SMS conversion speeds. One should be careful of hybrid providers who may interfere with local gateway carriers who may not allocate the uptime guarantee that local telecommunication carriers have to offer.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is the most efficient way of sending an enormous number of SMS text messages within a short period of time. Emails are converted and delivered directly to all the recipients’ mobile phone contacts. Using an Email to SMS gateway provider, it becomes a real-time, two-way SMS communication platform that will enable you to relay bulk messages and receive replies, be it, individuals or groups.

Efficient and reliable Email to SMS gateway providers ensure that bulk SMS can be stored to be used at a later date or can be easily tracked according to delivery report references. This ensures that you will be satisfied the text messages were delivered.

GSM/UMTS SMS Gateway Appliances

HG-7000 32 Channels 6U SMS Gateway

HG-7000 12 Channels 3U SMS Gateway

HyperSMS 8 Channels SMS Gateway

Personal SMS Based Messenger

A secured and private 2-way SMS communication

Email to SMS

Use an E-mail client to send SMS messages and use an SMS message to send an E-mail

Database Connectivity

Send SMS CDRs to a MYSQL or an Oracle table

Any Character Set

Support any character and language

Users Counters

Use counters to manage users' SMS sending

Reliability and Availability

Years of experience leads to Reliability and Availability


Essentially, Email to SMS gateway is a technological link that converts one form of communication to yield to the technical requirements of a different form of communication (SMS). However, all this is not possible without proper hardware to accomplish the whole process. If you want to be sure that your recipients will receive the SMS messages even if you have internet connection issues, Hypermedia has got you covered. With our hardware, you can be independent of third-party providers and send SMS messages directly to your recipient's cellular operator. Our hardware tools have solid external features that increase signal reception in the server rooms. We care about quality by ensuring our hardware is designed to work all-round, both internally and externally. Our hardware is modified to work together with state-of-the-art software that meets the standard of modern applications. Our machines function properly in the toughest temperature and humidity.


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