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Enthusiastically orchestrate premier web services whereas turnkey relationships. Competently procrastinate goal-oriented catalysts for change through resource-leveling paradigms.

Assertively integrate resource sucking sources through resource maximizing channels. Seamlessly deliver virtual paradigms through web-enabled value. Progressively parallel task turnkey materials without effective leadership oriented catalysts for change through.


Caro amigo, eu estou fascinado! Modéstia às favas, eu fiz um aplicativo muito bom que controla 40 modems, permite um bom gerenciamento o que me dá um poder de fogo de até uns 200.000 SMS/dia, se contar as 24hs. Mas esse gateway é muito mais do que eu poderia esperar!!! Esses caras estão soberbamente de parabéns! Imagino que todos os seus clientes estejam 1000% satisfeitos. Produto FINO DEMAIS! O scheduler, a gerência, a flexibilidade, simplesmente incrível! Já criei algumas filas que atenderão clientes específicos. Faz a gravação automática de tudo que sai ou entra. e uma das coisas mais fantásticas é que toda a inteligência pode finalmente ficar nos meus servidores no nosso datacenter. Não preciso mais de um servidor local. Tudo é feito via TCP/IP, até a suspensão geral dos serviços. Pense em um cara desidratado de tanto babar, esse sou eu! Valeu cada penny! :-) Queria te agradecer pela paciência, suporte e ajuda. Tenha certeza que essa parceria está só começando. Dear friend, I'm fascinated! Modesty aside, I made a very good application that controls 40 modems, allows good management which gives me the power to fire up some 200,000 SMS / day. But this gateway is much more than I could have hoped!! These guys are superbly congratulations! I imagine that all clients are 1000% satisfied. Fantasic product! The scheduler, management, flexibility, simply amazing! I have created a few rows that meet specific customers. Makes automatic recording of everything that enters or exits. One of the most fantastic things is that all intelligence can finally get on my servers in our datacenter. I do not need more than a local server. Everything is done via TCP / IP, to the general suspension of services. It is worth every penny! :-

Carlos Alberto

CTO/CIO Thor Tecnologia
Hypermedia’s SMS system provided us with an affordable and extremely effective outbound messaging platform fulfilling all our key requirements. Taking advantage of SMS communication as an acceptable and personal form of communication, we were able to create an extremely targeted, cost effective and direct notification service providing an innovative and valuable customer service tool to our customers. The system we purchased from Hypermedia is stable and scalable affording us expansion and increased revenue. The ROI on the systems was approx. four months

Val Gurovich

President and CTO of TeleManager

Isaac Derban

VDCOM, Ghana
"I have been in contact with your agent (Patrick Awume) in my area, and I must confess he has performed excellently. I provided answers to my questions, even went on to explain things in a much simpler terms accompanied with other documents and all his responses where swift and timely. I really enjoyed his recommendations, in fact, that is the best customer service I've ever enjoyed. I looked forward to using Hypermedia system. Thank you."
"Thank you for the opportunity to test the HG-7000 and create a plugin for Diafaan SMS Server. The plugin is integrated in Diafaan SMS Server basic and full editions, in the mean time the plugin can be used in the existing version of Diafaan SMS Server.", Henk Helmantel, Diafaan communication software.

Henk Helmantel

Diafaan communication softwar

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