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Disaster RecoveryPhone back-up systems that survive!

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, there is always the danger of your telephone lines getting disrupted. Every business depends heavily on voice communications; telephony lines act as the lifeline for any business. You simply can’t afford to run your business without communicating to the outside world, or to be cut off from your customers, clients and suppliers!

Get Ready!

Many businesses have a Business Continuity Plan to either maintain or rapidly restore critical operations and processes. A Telephony Continuity Plan follows the same rational, ensuring that disrupted telephone functionalities are quickly restored and operating. Since the telephone service facility (where outside telephone network cables come into a building) is subject to damage from a variety of causes, an alternate entrance facility capable of handling part of the external telecommunications network is recommended together with a proper disaster Recovery Plan for your PBX phone system.

GSM Gateway

Cellular gives us a new opportunity to build phone back-up systems that survive. The Hypermedia Cellular GSM Gateway offers continuous communication in case of a telephone outage; avoiding disaster in many cases. It brings PBX disaster recovery solutions, either redundant or temporary, that restore telephony functionality.

GSM Gateways range:


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