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We are now living in the cyber age and are constantly being bombarded by new technologies, which change the way we live and make a huge impact on the way we do business. The outlook of clients has changed and it has brought constructive competition to every industry’s marketing sector.

When it comes to marketing, SMS marketing has a great impact on achieving success. Not only does it reaching your clients a lot easier, but it also keeps them engaged with regular notifications and alerts. As of today, sending bulk SMS has become easier thanks to upgraded messaging services and bulk SMS API.

What Are the Functions of SMS API?

Bulk SMS API is a platform that provides a link to all kinds of software solutions and is the quickest way of sending transactional SMS to your clients. A bulk SMS service is a tool through which users can send text messages to phone numbers with the help of an SMS gateway.

A good messaging service can provide your business with a complete API system either through SMS API for PHP, Java or HTTP. An SMS API functions by:

  • Sending SMS in many formats
  • Receiving text messages
  • Receiving the recipient’s feedback without any need for password
  • Real-time reports

How Does API Function?

  • An SMS API (Application Programming Interface) enables one to integrate SMS services with their website, third-party application or service, mobile app, CRM, etc. An API designed to send SMS messages, is the most convenient way to send automated bulk SMS messages directly from your own platform. These APIs are protected with Authentication Keys to make your SMS Gateways more secure from external threats.
  • An API is a function by which a computer program or script is made available to other computers. With a reliable bulk SMS API, you can send and receive messages instantly. You can communicate using PHP, JavaScript, XML, Python, C#, Google Appscript, Go Language or any other coding language your development team is using.
  • For example, an e-commerce website can incorporate a bulk SMS API for authentication purposes and also send out delivery status and notifications of special promotions. Schools can integrate an SMS API to remind students of exams and manage parent-teacher meetings and new student enrolments. Event organizers often use SMS API integration to confirm details of an event with subscribers.

Here are 8 Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Bulk SMS API Provider

  1. Hardware

You want to make sure that you will be able to send SMS messages even if you have internet connection issues. Hypermedia has got you covered and you are independent of third-party providers, enabling you to send SMS messages directly from your LAN to your recipient's cellular phone.

Our hardware tools have solid external features that increase signal reception in the server rooms. We care about quality by ensuring our hardware is designed to work year-round, with as little down-time as possible. Our hardware is modified to work with state-of-the-art software that meets the standard of modern applications. Our Gateways function properly in the toughest temperature and humidity out there.

  1. Ease of Distribution

The best API a business can have is one that seamlessly integrates into the system. It should work in the background without causing any distractions.

There are other important features to focus on, and the API should not come in the way of obtaining time-sensitive objectives and goals.

  1. Pricing

Whether you are a large organization or just a small start-up, pricing of the software tools is a crucial factor. Different APIs have different price structures and it is the role of the business to establish which API is needed. The quality of an API can be determined by the price being charged. Therefore, one should consider what is more important to invest in.

  1. Security

A service provider should assure you a high-quality and secure network routing for your bulk SMS messages. Unsafe SMS APIs can be easily hacked, which will make your messages vulnerable to being tagged as spam by subscribers. Bulk SMS API providers with a good track record and well-established clients are the best platforms to go for.

  1. Speed

One of the reasons businesses go for SMS messages is its speed compared to other forms like emails and paid advertisements. Thousands of SMS messages can be sent within a few minutes and 98% of the text messages will be read within the first three minutes of delivery.

If you take away the competitive advantage of speed in text messages, it becomes like any other form of communication and therefore it is important to identify the best bulk SMS API that can deliver messages at the highest amounts per hour.

  1. Reliability

Having a high-quality network infrastructure is essential for success. Relying on open-source bulk SMS gateways can lead to hacking, crashing and other network issues. A reliable bulk SMS API provider will ensure they are capable of handling hundreds of thousands of messages without any issues.

  1. Scalability

The scalability of an SMS API is based on the complexity and stability of the platform. Reputable service providers have the capability to meet business needs and offer scalable SMS services.

  1. Reachability

Businesses that have to use SMS marketing strategy require wide network coverage so that text messages will reach their clients wherever they are. It is, therefore, important for businesses to seek service providers that have broad network coverage, while also offering real-time global support.

GSM/UMTS SMS Gateway Appliances

HG-7000 32 Channels 6U SMS Gateway

HG-7000 12 Channels 3U SMS Gateway

HyperSMS 8 Channels SMS Gateway

Messages Concatenation

Chain SMS to one big Message with the personal sender in the Campaigner

Database Connectivity

Send SMS CDRs to a MYSQL or an Oracle table

Any Character Set

Support any character and language

Users Counters

Use counters to manage users' SMS sending


Conclusion In addition to sending messages, an API provides many benefits. It enhances flexibility, improves efficiency and increases productivity to your communication. It is important to incorporate a reliable API with your system to achieve your business goals and objectives, so choose an API that integrates well and gives you an advantage over all your competitors.


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