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ussd stk money transfer

USSD Based Mobile Payment

The world and technology as we know it is rapidy changing and now things are easier than they have ever been before.  We are busy people with busy on the go lifestyles that breed the need for us to be able to access information and send messages or information almost automatically.  We are completely addicted

Call Center Conversion Rates

Call rejecting occurrence – Identifying the cause To understand Call Center Conversion Rate, picture this scenario; it’s five thirty in the afternoon. You are at home, sitting back on your luxurious sofa, trying to relax after a long day at work. Suddenly the phone rings. You look down at the phone’s screen trying to recognize

bulk sms marketing campaign

Bulk SMS Marketing In our ever-advancing world, which yesterday’s new born technologies chase and eliminate technologies that were hardly developed couple months earlier, one may wonder whether an aging technology such as SMS has a right to exist using bulk SMS marketing. Well, there are not enough words to describe how wrong one might be.


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