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Call Center Conversion Rates

Call rejecting occurrence – Identifying the cause To understand Call Center Conversion Rate, picture this scenario; it’s five thirty in the afternoon. You are at home, sitting back on your luxurious sofa, trying to relax after a long day at work. Suddenly the phone rings. You look down at the phone’s screen trying to recognize

bulk sms marketing campaign

Bulk SMS Marketing In our ever-advancing world, which yesterday’s new born technologies chase and eliminate technologies that were hardly developed couple months earlier, one may wonder whether an aging technology such as SMS has a right to exist using bulk SMS marketing. Well, there are not enough words to describe how wrong one might be.

how to build call termination business

How to start a Call Termination Business First of all, Before we talk about Termination Business, let’s begin with a brief explanation on what “Call Termination Business” actually means. In the telecommunications industry, call termination is the process of completing a call on a specific network, after receiving it from outside of that network. In


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