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USSD Based Mobile Payment

The world and technology as we know it is rapidy changing and now things are easier than they have ever been before.  We are busy people with busy on the go lifestyles that breed the need for us to be able to access information and send messages or information almost automatically.  We are completely addicted

Introducing Hypermedia’s new service – “HyperWallet” What is Hypermedia’s “HyperWallet” service, and how do I implement it to meet my needs.   Overview In developing countries, banking services are rare to find. People who need an immediate access to cash to manage their physical transactions are in a continuous problem. While many countries replaced the

How to Send Bulk SMS

Let’s all come to terms that we are becoming a full-time mobile-integrated society. Everyone in the whole world is aware of what text messaging is, and what other way to reach out to people if you were a business? Businesses are quickly getting in line with changing times and are now adopting the use of


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