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Branch Office / Multi-Site Connectivity Remote & Satellite office Telephony Solution

Cut telecom costs by adding Voice capabilities to your existing data network

Hypermedia Branch Office and Multi-Site connectivity solutions enable companies with multiple offices to drastically cut telecom costs by adding Voice capabilities to their existing data network.

Once the LCR gateway solution is set up, it enables all switchboard calls to be routed via the most cost-effective way between various communications networks, resulting in significant cost savings and efficiency for the organization.

A complementary Advanced Call Routing (ACR) application can be added to Hypermedia's LCR Gateways for more advanced control on special tariffs and packages offered by the cellular operator, for e.g. VPN or Close –Group free calls, as well as benefits from blocking un-wanted destination phone numbers

Hypermedia solutions for multi-site environments enable:

  • Quick & simple PBX/IP-PBX mobile integration throughout the organization

  • Cost-savings opportunities presented by cellular and VoIP technology/ies

  • Uncompromised voice quality, without changing existing infrastructure

  • Maintaining business communication patterns

  • Risk-free, cost-effective and highly adaptable solution to implementing VoIP on their existing IP infrastructure

  • Optimal call attendance - more efficient call handling and customer service

By deploying any one of Hypermedia's VoIP Gateways series, remote offices and satellite offices can easily be connected to corporate headquarters via the WAN, allowing free interoffice calling instead of expensive long-distance calls between offices. Further cost reductions can be achieved by combining a cellular interface within the VoIP Gateways; allowing for low cost mobile-to-mobile calls.

Connecting Decentralized Branch Offices


Installing Hypermedia's HG-4000/3U gateway, VoIP can be used to integrate voice networks with data networks. Enterprises can thus reduce communication costs by eliminating redundant lines between offices and can make use of their carriers’ low-cost IP network services.

Connecting Separate Branch Offices to Headquarters


Hypermedia's Gateways can be installed in line with existing PBX/PABX BRI or E1/T1 PRI trunks to the PSTN. This requires little or no reconfiguration of the PBX phone system and eliminates any need to add costly PBX tie trunks. The HyperGateway's integrated call routing functions identify which calls are to be routed over the IP network.

See available Hypermedia VoIP Gateways

Reducing Interoffice Communication Costs

By adding any one of Hypermedia's range of VoIP Gateways to existing infrastructure, multi-site companies with separate branch offices interstate or overseas, can seize the cost-savings opportunities available through VoIP technology without compromising voice quality or uprooting existing infrastructure.


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