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GSM/VoIP/PRI Gateway

On-Site Professional GSM/UMTS, VoIP, T1/E1 PRI/BRI System Machine.

Modular GSM Gateways ranging from 4 up to 32 GSM channels, developed for interconnecting a wide selection of interfaces and signaling protocols, including ISDN BRI, E1/T1 PRI, SIP & H.323, to the GSM cellular networks to quickly reduce telecommunication expenses and maximize cost-savings.

GSM Gateways enable to capitalize on cheaper call routing alternatives available through Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) and smart Least Cost Routing (LCR). The GSM Gateway series from Hypermedia is ideal for enterprises and service providers alike

GSM/UMTS , VoIP, T1/E1 PRI Machine

HG-4000 32 Channels 6U VOICE & SMS Gateway

HG-4000 12 Channels 3U VOICE & SMS Gateway

HG-4000/3000 32 Channels E1/T1 VOICE & SMS Gateway


Reliability and Availability

Documentation include with explanations for most of the options.

Queuing and Priority

With just a few clicks you can add any color you want.

Low Tariffs

Maximize the VPN’s low GSM rates / Closed User Group tariffs


Fast return on investment.


From 4 to 30 simultaneous PRI calls. From 4 to 72 VoIP to GSM channels.

In-line connectivity

PRI In-line connectivity (3-leg topology) option – between the PBX and the PSTN.

Web-based Management

Remote web-based management and control

IP systems Compatiblity

Compatible with IP systems of leading manufacturers worldwide

No Worries

24 months warranty!

Customer Service

One point of contact for customer service.

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