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Through SMS and Voice Recognition, HyperID provides an end-to-end, on-premises authentication solution, serving Corporations, government agencies, banks and military needs. Whenever an authenticate access is required, HyperID can provide stronger authentication based on users mobile phone.

OTP SMS/Voice Delivery Platform

HyperID is a hardware-based appliance for the implementation of token-less Two-Factor authentication. Combining the dynamic generation of One Time Passwords (OTP) and instant broadcasting via SMS and Voice, HyperID provides an end-to-end, on-premises authentication solution.

HyperID Provides solution to corporate, government agencies, banks and military. Wherever access is required HyperID is needed providing stronger authentication based on users mobile phone.
Follow the links to read about some of our success s stories: banks, governmental.

HyperID consists of a software authentication server that generates and manages one time passwords, integrated into a robust hardware appliance that delivers OTPs via SMS and voice. Easily deployed on premises, HyperID lets you dynamically authenticate remote users and deliver tokenless One Time Passwords while protecting your data and eliminating third party charges.

OTP authentication – Authentication requests from remote clients are verified against a local database of users, with a new password generated at each login request - eliminating the risk of password theft and unauthorized access.

SMS or VOICE delivery – OTP passwords are instantly delivered using SMS, Voice, or a combination of both. Text messages are sent from your premises directly to the cellular network, bypassing service providers or aggregators. Voice can be used as a backup to SMS, or to ensure real-time password delivery. Using voice, a user answers a call and enters a PIN number or hits key in order to authenticate, prior to receiving a pin number.

Maximum security – HyperID leverages the your existing network security infrastructure to guard user data and broadcasts the OTP directly to the end users' wireless or fixed device without any intermediary ISP or SMS aggregators.

Reduced costs - HyperID takes advantage of special corporate telephony rates, GSM (VPN), Fixed-Line rates and VoIP operators, to deliver OTP using the most economical path and minimize communication expenses.

Customizable OTP process – Tailor HyperID to your business process: send OTPs automatically at each user authentication attempt or only upon request at the time of authentication.

OTP management and monitoring – Manage users, passwords, and monitor SMS delivery using a web-based console.


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