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Call Centers SolutionReduce Mobile Calls Costs
Maximize profit per seat

Call Centers Solution

Hypermedia provides a wide range of call cost-saving solutions for contact centers, to cut communication expenses, maximize your infrastructure and provide new effective tools for call center operations.

Savings on Call Center-to-Cellular and Cellular-to-Call Center

Hypermedia GSM Gateways give you the opportunity to avoid multiple interconnection fees charged by both Fixed line / Landline and Cellular operators, and benefit from a low-cost solution for routing the switchboard fixed-to-mobile and mobile-to-fixed calls directly via the cellular networks. Get an instant price quote: SAVE 70% off the office phone bill per MONTH!.

Savings on National and Local Calls

Local and national call charges occur when calls are made across different networks and operators, country wide. These charges consist of tariffs charged by all networks and operators involved in the call termination process, and significantly increase telephony expenses within an enterprise.

Advantages of the Call Centers Solution:

  • Save up to 70% on cost per seat

  • Increase customer contact rate

  • Powerful SMS tools for improved customer reach

  • SMS, Email2SMS and SMS2Email and Voice capabilities

  • Number portability solution embedded

  • Increased Profits & Fast ROI

  • No need to make changes in your telecom existing infrastructure


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