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Hypermedia provides a wide variety of wireless voice and SMS gateway targeting the banking sector, health care system, manufacturing sector, government institutions, mobile service operators and other applicable markets


The HG-7000V Online SMS verification device SIM-Based SMS Gateway is a Robust UP TO 320 SIM Gateway for online SMS verification and testing

The HG-7000V series of Gateway is designed to provide global SMS Verification solutions for a wide range of services. Hypermedia's SMS Gateway Pro is a SIM-based platform made for SIM-based  SMS messaging directly to any mobile phone subscribed to a cellular network that the SIM can communicate with and provide you the SMS code.

This SMS Verification appliance is ideal for telecom distributors, resellers and service providers and the Gateway's overall flexibility means it can be pre-configured to meet every customer's exact needs, from small to well-established companies. Call centers, SMS wholesalers and other service providers can easily grow with the help this cost-effective system that will meet their evolving SMS needs over time.

Product Information

  1. Delivers Accurate Information

One can communicate effectively with customers, team members, and mobile employees. The HG-7000 bulk SMS machine delivers accurate information with respect to time even when sending text messages to multiple users directly via mobile networks. In the long-run, this improves productivity and efficiency and reduces operational costs.

  1. Low-Cost Service

The automated time-consuming functions enable the sending of pre-determined bulk text messages while putting into consideration the advantage of cost-effective GSM mobile-to-mobile rates and special VPN SMS rates.

It is also cost-effective by leveraging the existing telecom investment that directly connects the HG-7000 to the current system.

  1. Easy to Use Third-Party SDK and API

The HG-7000 SMS server has an easy-to-use API which enables third-party applications to send and receive bulk SMS text messages.

  1. Protects Privacy and Confidentiality

The HG-7000 device eliminates the use of third-party ASP or SMSC aggregators and facilitates the sending of text messages directly via the cellular network operators. This is better for banks, financial institutions, credit card companies, and other similar monetary companies. This is because it prevents exposing delicate and confidential details like the client base and customer phone number's privacy.

Key Features


  • The Gateway can accommodate from 4 to unlimited GSM/UMTS channels


  • Bi-directional text (SMS) messaging
  • LCR functionality (Least Cost Routing)
  • Multi-SIM rotation


  • TCP/IP interface across multiple APIs and protocols


  • Available 3U x 19" or 6U x 19" size
  • Rack-mountable design
  • Redundant power supply (optional)

Management & Control:

  • Remote web-based

Fast and easy installation

  • Bi-directional SMS messages
  • Multiple SMS messages
  • Pre-defined SMS templates (same message to multiple groups)
  • History log for Sent SMS
  • SMS to email (and vice versa)
  • Bulk SMS management
  • XML/ASCII files as data sources
  • Third party APIs
  • End-user PC interface


HG-7000 32 Channels 6U SMS Gateway

HG-7000 12 Channels 3U SMS Gateway

HyperSMS 8 Channels SMS Gateway

Temporary phone number

Give you a Temporary phone number for verification

Receive SMS online

Receive SMS online for SMS Verification services

Database Connectivity

Send SMS CDRs to a MYSQL or an Oracle table

Any Character Set

Support any character and language

Integrate with any program language

use any programming language you like Python, PHP, Node.js, Java, C#, Ruby, C++, ...


The SMS Gateway has a standard API for either JSON or HTTP "Get" commands

Smart Encoding

automated select the best operator encoding (UCS2/GSM 7-bit characters)

Resiliency and Redundancy

Many channels and SIMS for Redundancy and Resiliency


The Hypermedia Online SIM based SMS verification Gateway works with other SMS Servers all over the world. The HG-7000V offers a lot of extra features that are highly valued in the professional sector, for which this Gateway is intended in the professional global market


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