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General Questions

Yes, with the appropriate license.

1. SMS Pro Server Package API & HTTP
2. SMS Pro Server Package - API , HTTP, USSD, SMPP
3. SMPP Server add-on
4. USSD module
5. SMS Campaigner
6. SMS to eMail with SMTP
7. STK = Sim Tools Kit
8. Hyper Wallet

Yes. The Gateway can feature a PRI/E1 card, a VoIP card or both. For example: the
HG 4004G3HE can work with a VoIP PBX.
The HG 4104G3HE can work with a VoIP/E1 PBX.

1. Local Number Portability
2. Multi-SIM manager - 32 Channel or Smaller

Yes, with the appropriate license.

Yes.There's also an optional USSD API, with the appropriate license.

Yes. There's also an optional STK API, with the appropriate license.

Yes, there's an option for a redundant PSU.

Yes. You can have a PRI/BRI/E1/T1 interface installed in the Gateway.

System Capabilities

Depends on the reception levels, length of the message and the capabilities of the provider itself. Usually, under optimal conditions, it can send 6 - 20 full-sized messages (160 characters) per-minute from each module and can even reach 40 messages or more, in case of a short message, comprised of just one or two words.

The Gateway comes with 4 – 32 cellular channels, each representing one concurrent call.

Yes, with the appropriate software package and license.

Yes, the Gateway has several optional methods to prolong the "life expectancy" of the SIM and sometimes prevent its blocking altogether.

Yes. The SMS license comes with an API and there's an optional USSD /STK API.

Pricing, Shipping etc.

We ship out the Gateway within 48 hours of receiving payment.

You receive the Gateway itself, an installation CD, a power cable (EU, UK, US, etc.), an antenna for each cellular card the Gateway's shipped out with and an Ethernet cable.

Technical Questions

Up to 4 SIMs or even up to 10, depending on the model of the cellular card

Yes, the Gateway's internal router supports also a PPTP and PPPoE connections to the ISP.

Yes. For example: Oracle, MySQL, An HTTP "Get" request, etc.

Yes, with the appropriate optional card.

Yes, however it cannot utilize 4G features and will fall back to 3G.

Yes, providing you forward the appropriate ports to it.

A custom Ubuntu Linux.

For the first time installation please download our Team viewer client here 


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