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General Questions

There are a lot of  advantage of using your own system (Gateway):Please find the attached presentation and read carefully next points :

  1. To use Aggregator Subcontractor you must buy and pre paid  large volumes of SMS.
  2. With Gateway you can send any SMS volumes  directly  to cellular operators wirelessly
  3. With  Gateway you can save money , SMS will cost you less particularly if you use SIM package (fix payment to bulk of SMS)
  4. Privacy &security of data :
    When you send through the web your data can be used against you.
    And your client Database is exposed to your competitors.
    But far more privacy of your client is in danger.
  5. With gateway your message and your database (customer name & phones) are secure and private.
    This is some of the reasons that Hospitals , Banks and Social Security USA and more many… are using
    our system.
  6. You can use Interactive Messaging Response (IMR), New SMS msg send upon type of incoming SMS Response /Answer.
  7. You have the Ability to work with several cellular operators.
  8. You are not dependent on 1 operator especially when there are faults.
  9. You have control on your operation. No change in pricing , operators changes in system or rules
  10. Build your own services and interactive campaigns and you have our excellent support team.
  11. We can together plan new feature and you will receive new one that we constantly developing.
    So in your kind of business I highly recommend you to use our system. Be aware, I have customers that founded that their DB were sold as property over the net web.

Yes , the GSM GATEWAY can handle up to 10 sims per GSM CHANNEL and up to 320  sim cards per gateway.

It supports some kind of human behaveior with the Sim Gurd VCGP+EMS feature.

Our Gateway consist on plug  & play cards, so the Gateways can expand and shrink upon adding or removing cards.

After receiving an order we will build the customer's request and test the system during no more than 2 days.

For example if you buy a system with 4 channels on rack of 6U you can plug more GSM cards, each have 4 channels, and you can expand your Gateway to 32 channels.

Also you can add a PC on existing Gateway.

When there is a fault in a card it's easy to have service because you can receive a new card to plug instead of the the fault one.

Hypermedia system Design , develops and Manufacture Gateway since 2004 for more than 12 years.We are very quick (2 days)  in supply the systems even when it is a Tailored made system adapted to specific needs of the customer.

Privacy & security - Using SMS Gateway provide Privacy & security of data to your company and your customers.
When you send SMS through the web your client Database is exposed and also customers privacy.
With gateway your message and your database (customer name & phones) are secure and private.
This is some of the reasons that Hospitals , Banks and Social Security USA and more many… are using our system.
also with SMS GW You can use Interactive Messaging Response (IMR).

Yes it relevant to all models that start with HG-40XXXX and HG-70XXXX .

We support Gateways that work with (Bulk) SMS and Voice together and Also we support connection to PBX PRI and PBX VoIP.
next: the "XX" is for number of cellular channels, each ch. have ten SIMs.
The Series of Gateways 40XX are for VoIP and SMS.
The Series of Gateways 41XX are for VoIP and PRI (E1) and SMS.
The Series of Gateways 42XX are for VoIP and 2 PRI (2xE1) and SMS.
The Series of Gateways 70XX are for SMS only.

Each Gateway can be sold with PC or without it.
With PC its more powerful and capable for all Software.

For illustration see the next models:
HG_4004G3HE - Voip GSM Gateway, 4 GSM Quad Band Ch.,40 Sims +No PRI Interface, Box 3U
HG_4016G3PE - Voip GSM Gateway, 16 GSM Quad Band Ch.,160 Sims PC for application +No PRI Interface, Box 3U
HG_4104G3PE - Voip GSM Gateway, 4 GSM Quad Band Ch.,40 Sims PC for application +One E1 Interface, Box 3U
HG_7032G3PE - model is SMS only , GSM Gateway, 32 GSM Quad Band Ch.,320 Sims PC for application+ API Support and HTTP +No PRI Interface, Box 3U

1. SMS Pro Server Package API & HTTP
2. SMS Pro Server Package - API , HTTP, USSD, SMPP
3. SMPP Server add-on
4. USSD module
5. SMS Campaigner
6. SMS to eMail with SMTP
7. STK = Sim Tools Kit

Software for Voice:
1. Local Number Portability - [Limited to 12 ports]
2. Local Number Portability use PC -[Limited to 64 ports]
3. Multi-SIManager - 33 Channel or Smaller
4. Voice Call Generator+ & Multi-SIManager
5. Voice Call Generator Plus for a Single Gateway

Yes it is.
It is working with PRI/E1 or with VoIP or both of them!
Example :
HG 4004G3HE can work with VoIP PBX, with VoIP and with SMS.
HG 4104G3HE  can work with VoIP/E1 PBX and with SMS.

Yes, It possible by adding software HG_7100 - SMS Pro Server Package that support API & HTTP.
The gateway can be connected to VoIP source as PBX for VoIP Calls, and also to a kind of computer for generating the SMS with HTTP or SMPP or TCP JSON protocol.

It is a good Idea to make separation between SMS and VOICE:

Channel Division / separation : Setup some dedicated Channel for SMS.
For example SETUP 2 ch for SMS only and other for VoIP , so Channel will be available for immediate Voice call from the PBX.

Time Division / separation : setup frame Times for SMS and for Voice.
It will allow SMS only on certain hours when the Voice / PBX almost out of us.
And when Voice is full active only Voice and SMS will wait in a queue.

Also it can be mixed Channel Division with Time Division.
For more contact Hypermedia System.

Yes, It possible by adding:

Adding / plugging  PC card.Adding basic software HG_7100 - SMS Pro Server Package that support API & HTTP.Also possible with the PC to add more software such as SMS Campaigner.

Yes, It possible by adding:
Adding / plugging MC card (DSP) and router Card instead of unPlugging MG card.
Adding basic software of Voice Call Generator and Multi-SIM Manager

System Capabilities

Depends on the number of cellular channels that it has, reception levels, length of the message and the capabilities of the provider itself. Usually, under optimal conditions, it can send 6 - 10 full sized messages per-minute from each channel and can reach 20 or more, in case of a short message, comprised of just one or two words..

The Gateway comes with 4 – 32 cellular channels, each representing one concurrent call.

Yes, with the appropriate software package and license.

Yes, the Gateway has several, optional methods to prolong the "life expectancy" of the SIM and sometimes prevent its blocking altogether.

Yes. The SMS license comes with an API and there's an optional USSD /STK API.


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