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HG-4000 VoIP PRI Gateways

HG-4000 Scalable VoIP to PRI Gateways & PRI to VoIP ranging from 16 or 32 VoIP ports developed to enable direct connection of VoIP traffic to the PSTN/ fixed line ISDN for extending communications and reducing call charges.

  • Use of existing ISDN BRI interfaces of the PBX No need of telephony infrastructure changes
  • Maintain existing dialing habits and business communication patterns
  • Compatible with all ISDN PBXs & IP systems of leading manufacturers worldwide

HG-4000 VoIP BRI Gateway

The VoIP PRI gateways (SIP / H323) from Hypermedia come with 2 x E1-PRI, 2 x T1-PRI interfaces (with Single PRI and Double PRI).

Besides offering PBX/IP-PBX users a powerful telephony cost saving tool and advanced least cost routing capabilities, our VoIP PRI gateways can also deliver voice connectivity options to PSTN and GSM networks in one box.

Major Advantages:

  • Use of existing E1/T1 ISDN PRI interface of the PBX

  • Use of existing VoIP interface of the IP-PBX

  • No need of telephony infrastructure changes

  • Maintain existing dialing habits and business communication patterns

  • Compatible with all ISDN PBXs

  • Compatible with IP systems of leading manufacturers worldwide

  • In-line connectivity (3-leg topology) – between the PBX and the PSTN

  • Advanced Least Cost Routing (LCR) functionality

  • Scalable 16 or 32 simultaneous calls

  • Optional CDMA, 3G/UMTS and GSM connectivity (i.e. GSM trunking)

  • Remote web-based manageme

System Features:

  • Capacity:

    Systems from 16 to 32 VoIP channels (SIP or H323)

    2 x E1-PRI or 2 x T1-PRI

  • Configuration:

    Bi-directional calls (Inbound and Outbound calls)

    In-line connectivity (3-leg topology)

    LCR functionality

  • PBX Compatibility: with IP systems and PABXs of leading manufacturers worldwide

  • Chassis:

    Available 3U x 19" size

    Rack-mountable design

  • Management & Control:

    Remote web-based- Local serial port

  • High voice quality

  • Fast and easy installation

Migration to VoIP Utilizing Existing Infrastructure

By integrating one of our VoIP PRI Gateways HG-6000 with existing PBX/PABX telephone systems, businesses of all sizes can benefit from:

  • Low-cost Voice over IP calls

  • Multi-site / Multi-branch connection

  • Expanded PBX capacity and capability

  • Substantial cost saving

Voip PRI Gateway Configuration

Voip PRI Gateway Configuration

These PRI VoIP Gateways directly connect to any one of existing ISDN PRI, E1 PRI, T1 PRI (T2/S2 ISDN, RDSI) interfaces of the office PBX, and enable bi-directional traffic for both VoIP and PSTN, all in one compact box.

PSTN Access for VoIP Systems

For those companies who are considering migration to VoIP or have already migrated to VoIP and have an existing IP-PBX, Hypermedia's VoIP PRI Gateways offer the advantage of opening the IP-based switchboard directly to the PSTN networks.

In-Line Connectivity (3-Leg Topology) with LCR Functionality

Hypermedia's VoIP PRI Gateway can be situated between the PBX and the PSTN, saving the cost of an additional PBX E1/T1 port. In this configuration, it comes with two E1/T1 PRI interfaces featuring advanced Least Cost Routing (LCR).


3 Leg VoIP-PRI-PSTN configuration

Ideal for Telecom Distributors, Resellers and Service Providers

As a general guideline, we recommend installing our single E1/T1 PRI trunk PRI-VoIP Gateway in large organizations for creating an alternative, dedicated PRI trunk for VoIP access. We recommend implementing our 2 x PRI VoIP Gateway, with integrated LCR, for companies with a small scale PBX using a single PRI trunk.

Given the systems' flexibility, modularity and scalability, these advanced VoIP PRI gateways HG-6000 can be pre-configured to meet precise customer requirements so companies can easily expand the cost-effective systems to meet their evolving telephony needs over time.


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