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SIMBOX GSM is a hardware solution for external storage of SIM cards for a GSM termination business


Each SIM card can be connected to VoIP/GSM gateway through the Internet

Without SIMBOX GSM, there are many companies selling cheap, short-lived and fast-breaking SIM banks for VOIP businesses with different settings. SIM banks (especially SIMPOOLs) on 32,128 and 256 SIM cards are basically plastic materials that don’t work so well. This is because:

  • They melt at high voltage
  • The conductors malfunction and reduce traffic capacity
  • Defect during transportation
  • It’s complicated to take out the slot and insert the SIM cards
  • Plastic parts cause the device to malfunction and will be completely replaced
  • There is no update of the design


Hypermedia’s SIM Box is specifically designed for GSM Terminator queries and includes all the necessary needs to use it for GSM termination business. SIMBOX is one of the hardware modules of GSM termination equipment. The main function of this element is to store a variety of SIM-cards, which takes part in the call termination process.

  • GSM termination or Call termination is a lucrative business for converting VoIP (Voice over IP) signal into GSM by means of VoIP-GSM gateway with SIMBOX and delivering the call to the final subscriber.
  • VoIP Gateway contains GSM modules that transmit GSM signal. It also has an Internet connection for receiving VoIP signal. Therefore, VoIP gateway router receives IP call via the internet (such as the famous Skype), converts it, and then relays it to the cell phones via GSM antennas.
  • VoIP traffic (Voice traffic) is the standard measurement of phone calls to specific destinations on the number of operators of communication networks. Therefore, these are the telephone calls which are measured by the number of minutes passed through your equipment.

Benefits of the SIMBOX GSM

A SIM box device holds a bundle of SIM cards separately from VoIP/GSM gateways in order to decrease the maintenance expenses and solve the SIM blocking problem.

SIM Box enables one to install and manage any amount of SIM cards using different mobile operators that enhance the working of several GSM gateways placed in different locations. The available configurations include 60 SIMs and 120 SIMs, but several SIM boxes can be connected in one system to provide the capability to use an unlimited amount of SIMs into your system.

SIMBOX GSM - Features

Two configurations of SIM box are available, one for 60 SIMs and the other for 120 SIMs. One system can include as many SIM boxes as you wish to give you the chance to use as many SIMs as you want in the GSM termination process.

Module-based structure of the product hardware opens up an array of possibilities to its users such as:

  • SIM cards being placed separately from GSM modules (this option requires high-quality Internet connection between GSM gateway and SIM Box)
  • SIM cards taking part in the termination of voice traffic and SMS termination to different destinations or countries which could be routed to the same spot. This makes it easier to manage their activity without too much complexity. It is important to have a variety of GSM gateways located in different countries or in different regions of the same country. All SIM cards which are involved in termination may be located in one or more SIM Boxes placed in the same spot.

SIM cards rotation

One of the optimization algorithms of the SIM BOX GSM system is called "Sim Rotation".

SIM cards contained in each SIM Box can be divided into groups, where each of these groups can be attached to a separate GSM-module of VoIP gateway. With time, the system will be able to construct changes within each group and change the SIM card - which is mandated to make voice calls from one person to another.

Not only does this allow you to maximise resource consumption of every SIM, but it also gives one the chance to minimise their workload and, eventually, the doubt of the mobile operators.

SIM cards migration

Hypermedia's reliable system can register an array of SIM cards on different GSM-modules of a particular frequency

If one has several GSM gateways decentralized and located in different parts of the city, the system will conjure the SIM cards to carry out calls from every gateway. This creates a map of the user's activity. This enables you to secure your cards from being blocked by the mobile operator.

Increased Call Centre Conversion Rate

A GSM Gateway takes calls from a variety of interfaces and transmits them through the cellular network of the installed SIMs

This is known as “Termination”, whereby a call is routed from one source through a specific interface to another.

When it comes to Call Centre conversion rate, the instant benefit of using such a gateway is obvious. By using a SIMBOX GSM device, we can disguise our calls by transmitting them out via a GSM connection, and make them seem more legitimate and lawful to the prospective customer and, therefore, succeed to have more pickups.

Another great advantage this solution has is the ability to use “SIM Rotation”. Most GSM gateways comprise of 20 to 300 SIM slots (or even more), and one can set the GSM Gateway to randomly select a SIM for a call. This spans out the probabilities and prevents “burning out” too fast.

Moreover, the flexibility of changing a cellular number is determined by pulling out the current SIM and replacing it with a new one. You don't have to request anything from any telecom company and waiting for them to respond.

GSM/UMTS SMS Gateway Appliances

HG-7000 32 Channels 6U SMS Gateway

HG-7000 12 Channels 3U SMS Gateway

HyperSMS 8 Channels SMS Gateway

SIM Card Survivability

Cellular cards hold up to 10 SIMs per channel, so traffic load can be distributed between SIMs

Two Way SMS

The Gateway can also receive messages, and can even send a subsequent message automatically, based on the answer received

SIM Counters

Use counters to manage Your SIMs

Any Character Set

Support any character and language

Queuing and Priority

Queue your SMS and use SMS Priority


Hypermedia's systems are leading in the market of GSM gateways. The SIMBOX is one of the most sophisticated GSM Gateways one can find. It supports an array of interfaces such as PRI, BRI and VOIP connections which connect to the GSM gateway up to your office. These interfaces can be used where one is the main connection, and the other is a backup that works in co-existence. This machine may not be the cheapest in terms of initial cost or cost of maintenance, but it can ultimately boost your “PTR” (Phone through Rate) and finally lead produce a better conversion rate. With the return of investment guaranteed, this is truly a significant game changer in the world of call centers today.


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