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sim hostingProfessional SIM-based hosting server

Hypermedia's SIM Hosting Service

A Revolutionary & Professional SIM hosting service.

Hypermedia is coming up with a new Sim Hosting Service. Our service offers hosting of physical sim cards on our gateways. Hypermedia's gateways will forward inbound text messaging (SMS) to client's computing systems.

 All one has to do is supply us with the mobile SIM cards and we will host them on one of our secure SIM gateways (HG-7000 server) inbound messages are processed and sent immediately to customer's preferred destination.

sim hosting diagram

Sim Hosting Main features:

• Forwarding inbound SMS as HTTP, Json API or SMTP to CRM systems
• Supporting sending mass USSDSTK transactions. Customer has dedicated access through API to send USSD STK transactions.

Money deposit and withdrawal (cash in/out)

Hyper Wallet offer HTTP & JSON over TCP API solutions

Airtime top up

Hyper Wallet offer special SIM based USSD gateway for Airtime Top up (VTU) and Data Plans

Bill Payments

Offer prepaid utilities payments, like DStv / GOtv and electricity or payment of post-pay bills


Transfer incoming SMS via JSON API

SMTP Protocol

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


Transfer incoming SMS via HTTP / HTTPS

Sim Hosting Main Adavantages:

  • Electricity Saving

  • Better space management

  • Zero (0) hardware maintenance costs

  • Customer support via SIM Gateway experts

  • Flexible cloud to hardware owning and vice versa

Services that can be achieved via Sim Hosting service (for example):

  • Incoming SMS (Campaigns, OTP and more)

  • Airtime Top UP (VTU)

  • Data Plans

  • Bills Payment

  • Airtime2Cash

  • Money deposit and withdrawal (cash in/out)

How to start your own Sim hosting service:

  • Just purchase a Sim card from your local GSM network operator and send it to us. It's crucial to verify that roaming service to Israel is enabled by your operator and leave the rest to us. We will setup everything else for you.


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