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The server receives the data and reads the destination and determines the most favorable time and route to send the message to the recipient.

When an SMS message is sent, data is transmitted along the provider network's transmission lines to the server. The server receives the data and reads the "to" or "from" destination which is attached to the message and determines the most favorable time and route to send the message to the recipient.

This is known as an SMS gateway and functions together with a database to allocate SMS messages. To establish an SMS server, the same elements must be used with an SMS gateway that encodes the data in the SMS, a database that stores the data to and from each recipient organized, and a web server that functions as the connection between your SMS content, the constituents of the SMS server and the final recipients.


SMS gateway servers are made to organize bilateral exchange with users of GSM short text messages. SMS servers are used in electronic payments to notify of the transaction, and also observe and oversee over the equipment.

With distribution of information using SMS server, taking questions and suggestions from radio and television users can be achieved. SMS servers support simultaneous functioning of 16 polytypic devices and SMPP connections - with each connection being treated separately – has the capability to connect to any If you're searching for a flexible tool that can sustain sending huge numbers of text messages, then one should go for bulk SMS providers with SMS gateway servers.

SMS server software

SMS Gateway server, administered as an NT service for Windows, or operating system and support multi-user configuration.

SMS Gateway server, administered as an NT service for Windows, or operating system such as Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/2008. SMS Gateway servers support multi-user configuration.

SMS Client – Win32 application functions on all platforms supported by Microsoft, sustains the exchange of SMS messages with an SMS Gateway server. A set of COM components provide exchange protocols with supported types of GSM devices and SMS Gateway server.


SMS Gateway server can:

  • Receive and send SMS messages through database servers
  • Facilitate the sending of SMS messages in bulk from a command line
  • Configure SMS content analysis and the ability to perform predetermined actions.

The SQL query is sent to an external database that substitutes into the query of the SMS message fields, then:

  • Informs connected clients of new SMS messages
  • One can get SMS delivery confirmation message
  • Interacts via SMPP protocol with GSM operator SMS centre
  • Uses the admission of SMS, depending on sender phone number prefix where it is written in the SMS message, sent through the device, after which the message is accepted.
  • Notifies SMS message delivery to specified users
  • Use of SMS sending rules depending on the destination of the phone number prefix.


SMS clients will:

  • View received and sent SMS messages according o=to the specified criteria (outgoing, incoming, or within the range of dates)
  • Receive delayed messages
  • Creates and sends new SMS messages or sending SMS messages from the database to the specified phone numbers manually entered, or selected from the built-in phone book
  • Send SMS messages to a group of numbers.



An SMS marketing campaign is one of the best ways in which one can promote their business. Here are some tips you can apply to avoid failure when using an SMS gateway server service:

  • Ensure that you expand your company’s mailing list with consenting methodologies. Avoid sending your marketing campaigns to those who are not subscribed to it as it will only paint a negative picture. Ensure that you are up to per with the rules and regulations of SMS marketing in order to be successful.


  • Always be active and administer a Call to Action (CTA) message that will make your users more interactive. Neglect confusing messages as they will not help you utilize the most out of your SMS gateway.


  • Stick to your own campaign strategy up to the end. If you have decided to send three messages weekly, then make sure it does not exceed the limit.


  • For maximum probability of success and turnover of your marketing campaign, make a point of sending messages at the best hours of the day. Since time zones are different in every part of the world, the marketing SMS should be configured and sent during the working hours of the day and not at night.


  • The SMS messages should be short and brief to the point. Avoid sending bulky and complex messages.


  • Always use the name of the brand and product as much as possible as it will motivate prospective clients to take an interest in the business.


  • The SMS gateway solutions must be chosen intuitively so that they can provide enough flexibility when it comes to planning out the marketing campaigns.


  • A brand can grow significantly and reach a multitude of customers by SMS campaign. Having a highly effective strategy will build a more long-lasting relationship with your clients – which is a great factor for success.


  • Get yourself a dependable SMS gateway provider and ensure there’s maximum efficiency of your campaigns. Avoid the “Do It Yourself” approach and seek help from a professional SMS marketing expert who can assist you in generating more Return on Investment (ROI).


  • Be aware of the financial resources you have before commencing your SMS campaign as it will help you plan out your next moves effectively.


  • Choose an SMS gateway server that can relay a huge number of messages within a short period of time. The SMS gateway server should offer fast delivery services to meet the success of your campaigns.


  • Avoid sending similar messages repeatedly as it only puts off your prospective clients.


  • Ensure your marketing content is unique enough to generate greater brand interest.


  • Be minimalistic but smart about your campaign SMS messages. Essentially, say more by putting in less words.


  • Plan out your SMS campaign according to the desire, needs and preferences of your clients.

GSM/UMTS SMS Gateway Appliances

HG-7000 32 Channels 6U SMS Gateway

HG-7000 12 Channels 3U SMS Gateway

HyperSMS 8 Channels SMS Gateway

Personal SMS Based Messenger

A secured and private 2-way SMS communication

Users Counters

Counters to manage users SMS sending

SMS Gateway Server Hardware

Do you want to be sure that your SMS Gateway server hardware functions properly? Hypermedia has got you covered. With our hardware, you can be independent of third-party providers and ensure your server sends SMS messages directly to your recipient's cellular operator. Our hardware tools have solid external features that increase signal reception in the server rooms. We care about quality by ensuring our hardware is designed to work all-round, both internally and externally. Our hardware is modified to work together with state-of-the-art software that meets the standard of modern applications. Our machines function properly in the toughest temperature and humidity out there.


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