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A bulk SMS Gateway is a great way to incorporate SMS APIs with your existing setup. Businesses often have to send SMS messages to a large customer base to improve customer loyalty, interaction and sales. Therefore, a reliable SMS gateway will contribute to long-term success.

What Features Should A Good Bulk SMS Gateway Offer?

SMS can come in all forms of configuration. It is important to ensure that your bulk SMS gateway incorporates easily with any software and can perform the roles needed for marketing. With functionality from your bulk SMS gateway, you can enhance your marketing strategies every time you use the SMS API to communicate with your clients.

  • An important factor to consider when picking an SMS gateway provider is global reach. Having international outreach will enable you to send messages to clients, affiliates, and suppliers all over the world. In the long-run, this improves working relationships and customer loyalty.
  • A bulk SMS gateway should be able to receive messages directly from your user base. According to research, 64% of customers want to be able to interact with companies directly from their phones via SMS A two-way communication platform means a better conversations with your customers and greater loyalty.
  • A bulk SMS gateway should be dependable, scalable, or run by an organization with a notable reputation, that can reach out to a wide range of networks and support systems around the world. Hypermedia’s resources accommodate software that enables businesses to interact, transact and connect with their customers over the years to come.
  • Pricing is also a major factor when considering an SMS gateway provider to choose. Pricing determines the budget and finances you allocate.
  • The resources of the developer are also key. It is more reliable to provide your developers with resources that are quick and have easy access to a variety of developer tools that integrate easily.

How to Choose a Bulk SMS Gateway Provider

There are a number of bulk SMS gateway providers out there and pricing is a priority that cannot be overlooked. SMS is a marketing strategy that most organizations incorporate, and in comparison to other forms of direct marketing, it is the most effective way to get in touch with clients.

According to research, 98% of text messages are opened within 90 seconds of delivery. Therefore, partnering with bulk SMS providers will give you the benefit of having direct interactions with customers.

However, pricing is not the only thing to consider, and quality of service is even more important. One should not be charged for setting up an account, but only for the messages sent. Other providers lure clients with cheap pricing but they end up costing you more in hidden fees.

Buying bulk SMS messages should not have expiry dates. When one purchases bulk SMS messages, they should remain valid until they are sent.

Minimum or Maximum Providers

Some providers have a minimum purchase requirement. It’s wise to avoid such service providers as you may not know exactly how many text messages one is going to send. Watch out especially if the SMS service is still in its infancy stage. A good provider should accommodate your needs and not the other way round.

Main Advantage

  • SMS Solutions

Finding a service provider that actually provides solutions to your needs is what one should go for. Some service providers have limited solutions for relaying bulk SMS. Companies that have knowledge for SMS have a variety to choose from. Whether it’s an online service, email to SMS gateway or providing integration through SMS messaging API or full automation.

It all boils down to your company’s needs. Whatever you need to do, there are major considerations to make when choosing a bulk SMS provider.

  • Hardware

If you want to make sure your SMS Gateway server hardware functions properly, Hypermedia has got you covered. With our hardware, you can be independent of third-party providers and ensure your server sends SMS messages directly to your recipient's cellular phone. Our hardware tools have solid external features that increase signal reception in the server rooms. We care about quality by ensuring our hardware is designed to work year-round, with as little down-time as possible. Our hardware is modified to work with state-of-the-art software that meets the standard of modern applications. Our Gateways function properly in the toughest temperature and humidity out there.

  • SMS Integration to Apps or Software

Integrating SMS functionality to the company’s interoperability has become a crucial aspect. Therefore, one needs to choose which service provider is in alignment with their apps and software system.

A good service provider will offer a variety of API options that include unsynchronized and synchronized options as well as have a good understanding on how to incorporate SMS into business applications and systems.

  • Network Coverage

One should also consider how the messages will be delivered. Is the service reliable enough? Is it global or local? What is the quality provided? Many providers limit the number of messages and this is one way to determine the reliability and quality of service being provided.

Some upcoming providers can only connect to a limited number of networks while a truly established provider can connect with many networks on an international scale.

  • Account Management and Support

Bulk SMS campaigns have to be properly managed with measured results. Hence, one should choose a bulk SMS gateway provider that offers easy-access full account management services. One can easily monitor the number of messages delivered or failed, and an overall traffic overview and a message log.

GSM/UMTS SMS Gateway Appliances

HG-7000 32 Channels 6U SMS Gateway

HG-7000 12 Channels 3U SMS Gateway

HyperSMS 8 Channels SMS Gateway

Messages Concatenation

Chain SMS to one big Message with the personal sender in the Campaigner

Database Connectivity

Send SMS CDRs to a MYSQL or an Oracle table

Any Character Set

Support any character and language

Users Counters

Use counters to manage users' SMS sending


There are many bulk SMS gateway providers out there. Ensure that you select the provider that has the best quality service at the best price that meets all your business requirements.


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