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SMS SolutionsSending & Receiving Multiple SMS

Hypermedia’s SMS Solutions harness today’s cutting-edge technology in order to provide instant communication product tools.

Marketing SMS communication has already been established as a key element in today’s Media, with an ever increasing need in one of the most growing communication arenas.

Hypermedia's SMS solutions boast an intuitive User Interface that turns the art of creating and sending advanced Marketing Campaigns into a simple and easy task.

The SMS Campaigner - HG-7300 enables to Create, Send and Receive targeted SMS campaigns; billing, alerts, advertisement and others, featuring advanced interactive functionalities.

Including: Two-way communication, Advanced monitoring and statistics, Message handling (edit, add, etc.), SMS IVR-like functionality – IMR, and Auto-forwarding support for Email

SMS Gateways Pro - HG-7000 Series with SMS Server

Hypermedia’s SMS Gateway Pro series delivers an instant, low-cost marketing & advertising tool ideal for customer relationship management and unparalleled products or services exposure via the GSM / CDMA networks.

  • Premise-based (CPE), professional SMS Gateways, expandable from 4 to 32 SMS-GSM ports, designed for sending and receiving SMS messages directly via the cellular networks to and from any authorized SMS client.

  • Enables to develop or use other 3rd party SMS applications and services via its advanced set of API interfaces, or alternatively, enables customers to utilize a wide range of Hypermedia’s applications.

  • The SMS Pro Gateway is perfect for protecting sensitive client details from 3rd party misuse or abuse due to being CPE.

Hypermedia SMS solutions

  • Call Centers

  • Advertising and Marketing Agencies

  • Financial Institutions

  • Service Providers


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