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SMS Campaigner

SMS Campaigner product application is designed for creating, running and managing advanced SMS campaigns (with email support) for Call Centers, Marketing Agencies, SMB and Corporate enterprises, as well as Service Provider companies. Hypermedia's SMS Campaigner HG-7300 boasts an intuitive User Interface that turns the art of creating advanced Marketing Campaigns into a simple and easy task.


SMS Campaigner

A desktop web-based Mass-Market solution for SMS distribution and communication (bulk SMS), Hypermedia's SMS Campaigner is aimed for:

  • Call Centers

  • Advertising & Marketing Agencies

  • Financial Institutions

  • Service Providers


  • Two-way communication

  • Advanced monitoring and statistics

  • Message handling (edit, add, etc.)

  • SMS IVR-like functionality – IMR

  • Auto-forwarding support for Email


Major Advantages:

The new Hypermedia SMS Campaigner is an on-site CPE SMS Product application that has been developed over the Hypermedia SMS Pro Gateway API interface. It utilizes the SMS Pro Gateway technology as an alternative instant tool for communicating with a variety of end-users, such as: consumers, clients and customers.

System Features:

User Interface:
Enhanced, flexible and intuitive product web-based User Interface
Reports & Monitoring
For sent and received messages

Reports & Monitoring:

Includes status of sent messages (failed, pending, delivered, etc.)

Export to CSV file and MySQL database is available

Time frame for reports up to last two months is available


Creating and sending single and multi-campaigns

Compose and send to a single number or a group instantly

Supporting CSV file and MySQL database


Time-based schedule

Available to send to a group or single number per campaign

Multi-modal support (SMS and Email*)


Failed Acknowledgment

Pending Acknowledgment

Sent Acknowledgment

Contact Management:

Add contacts manually one by one

Add contacts by import

Subscription Module:

Add users to associated groups per campaign

Send auto-response back

Export all the subscribers to a CSV format

Send a message to a group in one click

Campaign Management:

Priority-based, enabling to prioritize the various campaigns

LCR and White / Black list support

Set threshold for credit balance

Send alerts to multiple administrators

Auto-forwarding support for incoming messages (forwarded to an Email*)