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Hyper-SMS Professional SOHO/SMB SMS Gateway

High quality, reliable and robust, Hypermedia Hyper-SMS gateway makes bulk sms sending easy, comfortable and secure. Hyper-SMS offers fast sms sending with superior delivery quality, DB and network protection. Continuously send and receive SMS regardless of internet connection failures.


Hyper SMS - Low Cost, Entry-Level Platform

Build your own in-house SMS service and start to send and receive SMS with high reliability over cellular operator UMTS/GSM immediately. A very small form factor makes it ideal to be installed without any special environmental requirements. With the Hyper-SMS built-in tools, your SIM will work even more times before any network blocking.

Easy Setup & Simple Operation

Extremely easy setup: just plug in SIM cards and start your campaign using user-friendly HTTP or TCP/IP API. A built-in application maximizes available SMS resources according to the specific credit and state of each SIM card. The Hyper-SMS functionality routes SMS messages smartly between SIM cards, based on rules created by the administrator. Send bulk SMS messages to the Gateway and the SMS will queued and sent at the cellular operator speed limit. It also sends an update message when the SMS transaction complete.

Reduce SMS Expenses

Cost-saving equipment provides you immediate delivery of thousands of customer oriented messages, while reducing the SMS campaign costs. Cut SMS expenses by sending SMS directly to cellular operator mobile numbers. The Hyper-SMS Gateway handles up to 32 different SIM cards. uses low-costrouting to eliminate interconnection charges between mobile networks, and capitalizes on mobile-to-mobile SMS rates. Remember: incoming SMS within the majority of mobile networks are for free!

Leverage Existing Software Investment

With Hyper-SMS you can easily replace your SMS aggregator or multiple USB modem (8/32) by connecting your current SMS software directly to Hyper-SMS using SMPP or HTTP protocol, while enjoying the benefits for your SOHOs and SMBs.

Hyper SMS - Major Advantages:

  • Mobile UMTS/GSM Solution for Send/Receive SMS messages
  • 8 UMTS/GSM Channels Five Bands
  • 32 SIM cards
  • IMEI Switching and Management
  • BTS Lock
  • Connects SIMs simultaneously from different Cellular Operator
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Advanced Least Cost Routing
  • Build in Number Portability (LNP)
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Easy, browser-based configuration and management
  • Use protocols TCP JSON, HTTP, SMPP, SMTP/POP
  • Easy SMS web interface
  • Up to 160 SMS per minute!
  • Two way SMS
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Delivery reports (DLR)
  • Email to SMS
  • SMS counters per SIM for auto switch and blocked (DAY/Month)
  • Automatic blocked Invalid SIM and send alert on it emailHTTPAPI
  • CDR report for Send /Receive SMS
  • Sticky Sender send messages to specific destination from the same Channel (SIM)
  • Auto reroute when fails send SMS from one SIM automatically try send from another one
  • Set priority for the sending SMS
  • Support any character set Unicode/Emoji and BINARY message
  • Messages Concatenation in case the SMS text is more than 160 char
  • Flash SMS
  • USSD Pull message
  • And more...

Hyper SMS System Features:

Management & Control

Web-based management


Omni-directional: 3dB, indoor antenna with a 3m cable

one antenna per four channels


Dimensions:       20x20x7 cm

Weight:          Minimum 2-3kg

Housing:  Desktop

Power:  12VDC - 10A

Environmental temp: +5 C to +45 C

Humidity:   5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Note: Technical data is subject to change without

         prior notice


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