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General Questions

There are a lot of  advantage of using your own system (Gateway):Please find the attached presentation and read carefully next points :

  1. To use Aggregator Subcontractor you must buy and pre paid  large volumes of SMS.
  2. With Gateway you can send any SMS volumes  directly  to cellular operators wirelessly
  3. With  Gateway you can save money , SMS will cost you less particularly if you use SIM package (fix payment to bulk of SMS)
  4. Privacy &security of data :
    When you send through the web your data can be used against you.
    And your client Database is exposed to your competitors.
    But far more privacy of your client is in danger.
  5. With gateway your message and your database (customer name & phones) are secure and private.
    This is some of the reasons that Hospitals , Banks and Social Security USA and more many… are using
    our system.
  6. You can use Interactive Messaging Response (IMR), New SMS msg send upon type of incoming SMS Response /Answer.
  7. You have the Ability to work with several cellular operators.
  8. You are not dependent on 1 operator especially when there are faults.
  9. You have control on your operation. No change in pricing , operators changes in system or rules
  10. Build your own services and interactive campaigns and you have our excellent support team.
  11. We can together plan new feature and you will receive new one that we constantly developing.
    So in your kind of business I highly recommend you to use our system. Be aware, I have customers that founded that their DB were sold as property over the net web.

Yes , the GSM GATEWAY can handle up to 10 sims per GSM CHANNEL and up to 320  sim cards per gateway.

It supports some kind of human behaveior with the Sim Gurd VCGP+EMS feature.